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pinkwitch2000's Journal

19 January
Aging goth. Was there for punk, post punk, new romantics and then goth. An educator in the arts of Alchemy by profession.
Had three great relationships in my life but nothing lasts forever.
Used to smoke, gave up on all aspects of that but still miss it.
Drink; two glasses of wine and I fall over, beer and cider makes me ill, so I tend to stick to soft drinks.
Music that has a soul! Mahler, Glass, Nyman, Bach, Goth stuff but not regurgitated bat guano. Within Temptation, Lacrimosa, Cold in Berlin, Adoration, Red Sun Revival, Northern Light Exposure, Anathema, The Pineapple Thief, Cocteau Twins, Shoe gaze in general. Cyndi Lauper, Nina Hagen, Toyah, Cruxshadows, Abney Park, - you get the gist.
Fiction - Connie Willis time travel stuff is awesome, Pratchett, Rankin, Robert M Drake poetry, Sherri Tepper
Art - again - anything with soul that I can see and understand - Impressionist art, Kandinsky, Klimt, Mondrian, Pre-Raphaelite work, Constable, Lichtenstein and installation if it makes my heart miss a beat when I first see it.
Dancing - the club dancefloor it is the one place where I can truly be free - but it has to be the right music!
Currently working on my own creativity and planning a tour around the British Coast exploring the remnants of 50's and 60's driving experience in my 64 classic car whilst living out of a caravan. Watch this space!
be interesting and interested