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I have started to make the effort to get back in trim. This is going to be long and arduous but I want to get back in shape. No, to starting in the New Year, too easy to break that one, no to joining a gymn - too much time and cost. Just discipline.
So, dance stretch exercise to warm up for half an hour and then a run to the park twice a week.
I MUST stick to this. I figure Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings. If I try for more it just won't happen.
I started today - didn't even get to the park!!!!!! I am so out of condition. So small goals. I reckon, by April I will be able to run to the park, by this time next year it will be to the park and around it, maybe even back home again.
Annoyingly, when I was in Hornchurch, I had a great park over the road from me and I got to run around it, halfway around at first, then all the way and 4 times at full tilt towards the end. Took a lot to get to that point though. I so loved doing it, got to do it 3 times a week.
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I live too far out to just pop around to friends, moving is not an option yet, til I give up work, fed up with the same old routine and this is the first day of my Xmas break! FFS!
Maybe it's just the time of year! Bah, humbug!

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Wow, not used this since February! Now in need of intelligent conversation. Didn't realise how much I missed talking about stuff till I went to switzerland last week and caught up with a doctor friend of mine that I haven't seen in 4-5 years. It was a bit bad as I sort of spent two days almost solidly talking with him and forgot who I had gone with!!!!
Maybe I should return to this place rather than the inane banter that happens in FB and that new upstart thingy.
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As my girlfriend does not use this site, I thought I would put out an all stations alert in order to be ahead of the gift game so to speak.
I am looking for someone to make up a simple silver bangle with a glass human eye looking out of it. It could be stainless steel but nothing cheap and nasty.
If you know of anyone/where that might do this sort of thing or even know of somewhere tht actually has this type of item. Give me a shout please.

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With so many break ups and arguments going on I thought I might check out the general Astrological issues for this year. Jeez, it's no wonder! Of the Retrograde planets just this year, - consider all of their worse attributes, you can see why the going is tough for so many
First the slow ones Saturn, slow to learn - Jan to May,
Jupiter, not much joy and happiness - July to Nov,
Pluto, destroys stuff without compassion - April to Sept,
Neptune, deep and emotional - May to Nov,
Uranus - July to Dec.
Then the faster ones Mars aggressive arguments - Last dec to march,
Venus, a lack of love - oct to Nov,
and finally Mercury (for all those misunderstandings, misinterpretations, twisting of words and breakdowns in communications) 3 times this year- the next one being aug to sept and again for most of Dec.
Is anyone still together?????? My astrology is not that good but in my opinion "Don't start anything new and think twice before opening your mouth!!" And I have just totally ignored this with obvious results.
Just checked out my Tarot too, talk about a crap year ahead.
Oh well, I will just have to dance my through it all - seems to be the only thing that keeps me sane.

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I know I did this on FB but that is a bit like making a statement in The Sun (news)paper so I will repeat myself. I caught by accident the secret Battles of Britain yesterday, stuff that wasn't generally known. It was a Channel 4 drama-mentry. It told the story of 303 Squadron based up the road from me at Northolt and retold the story of the Polish squadron, how they were first formed, treated, then relied upon because of their skills. I thought this was wonderful however, at the end, in the last 7 minutes we were then told how they were no longer welcome in Britain, sent back to Poland to a country that had been "given" to Communist Russia to appease the allies. I was dumbfounded. Then it was mentioned that 150,000 Polish fighters had "disappeared" in the workcamps whilst under Russian rule in the first years. I am ashamed of this country, and not for the first time. I dissolved into tears at the end of the programme. I know that other stories about promises made to other allied fighters were also hushed up, like the Gurkas, I wish I was the citizen of a more respectable civilised nation. Sorry guys!
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I have a number of these where the material has been feasted upon by moths. ANyone know of a u.k. based restorer that might be able to recover these? Seems a shame to just leave them.
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You may wish to skip this post now, this is a girlie thing and even I am bored with it!

It's time! By September it really will be different. I can not stand the intense itching of my scalp, 24/7 for 4-10 days after getting my 95% grey hair dyed black. It has reached the point where I have tried all the brands of dye, Wella, L'Oreal, Shwartzkopf, Boots,etc, they all bring me up in hives! The last lot, Daniel Field Organic range, did the same, the hairdresser has now said that I can never go back to the traditional stuff - even if I could.
Indigo/Henna based stuff will react with my bleached streaks.
Stripping out the old hairdye is the only resort or having that line of black to grey interface growing out through the 4 years until it reaches the tip of each hair. However, this will leave it orange, according to the hairdresser, it may well break off and the Semi permanant purple does not take well onto it, I have to have my fringe/side bits lifted with bleach to almost white each time I got my hair done anyway and the ends rarely take the dye well - and they haven't ever been dyed black! It might improve over time, as more is bleached completely but the likelihood is that it will look shit!
If it breaks.....I have not had short hair since I was 22. I have toyed with the idea of a 20's style bob but that is such a radical change for me that I never got past the thinking stage, I suppose, if it all goes tits up, that I can reconsider this style, then grow it out (oh great! The getting past the shoulder bit again!)

I know I have whinged about this for about a year now but the fact is I am really scared that the changes that are about to happen are marking the end of all that I have come to know and love and trust. "They" say that a womens hair is her crowning glory, her femininity, I won't argue the rights or wrongs of that, what I do know is that my hair has been long and dark with coloured streaks for 24 years and to dramatically change the habits of a lifetime, for me, is frightening, uncomfortable and I really do not want to do it. Call it clinging to my youth, vanity, refusing to face the reality or any of these, do not ease the anxiety. I know I am not 20 anymore, I know I have had it better than most, I know its ONLY HAIR, but I just do not want to have to change. I hate change at te best of time, I am a creature of habit. Change has always been the phase I go through at the end of a relationship, usually not of my instigation. I have had the same job for 23 years - how much does that say about my fear of change?

Okay whinge over. Like I said, by September, all possibilities will have been exhausted for the hairfront, this change, like all the others, is being forced on me, this time by the very thing I am scared of most, getting old. I know I ain't dead and that I can do lots of things still but in my head, I am still 24, just that my body is letting me down. Its a hard thing to accept.

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Okay, time to be a nerd. Who watched Doctor Who this week? Who recollects a Volkswagen camper van of that type having a grille like that at the front? Was this an attempt to disguise the VWness of it or was it genuine? Not a shabby episode either!
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Yesterday was not a good day! I bought myself a new blueray disc player home theatre to match my TV and eliminate the lip sync problem I had. I also got a thingy to connect to it so that I could play my entire MP3 collection and Mark could use it as an interface with his computer (no idea but he said it was a bargain and very useful)
Ended up with cables all over my front room which, with my OCD freaked me out. There were not enough cables and some of them are optional extras - I hate that!
My old home theatre system is wired under the floor and a bitch of a job to get to, the new cables are not a straight swop so I have to go under the floor (Not a hope in hell of getting mark to do it, he will not get through the trapdoor or be able to crawl through, even builders run away at the idea.)
On top of that there are now three remotes with more buttons on than a full victorian costume and a set of instructions that make no sense.
A black system in a black cupboard when I have atmosphere lighting is IMPOSSIBLE to set the thing up in anyway.
Add to that a phone call from Barclaycard asking why I had missed the payment date - something I have only done once in over 25 years of using them. I had paid on line and stupidly put the wrong numbers in. I tried to pay off the debt there and then but some foreign voiced operator would only take the minimum payment because the system said so and if I wanted to pay it all off I would have to go through customer services. He was most unhelpful and just followed his script.
My beef is that I had made a human error, that I wanted to put it right because I hate owing anything to anyone and "the system" wouldn't allow it. What happened to customer service?
Put this into context, I had been told that a part for my car that I ordered in late January, had arrived but on further inspection, (4 weeks later) was incomplete and had been sent in error, having paid for the full part. I rang the company who I do a lot of business with and was told it was my fault for not checking this at the time and that I was stuck with it. I pointed out that he was one of only two specialists that do parts for this classic car and that I had already spent around £1000 with him and that there was at least the same again to be spent in the next 2 months. He was unrelenting so I told him I would use te alternative firm and that if I was trying to rip him off, as he was implying, I would do it for slightly more that £18 which was the difference between the part supplied and the part ordered.
On top of this, my phone and internet connection has a fault for the last 6 months and getting anyone to deal with it takes hours of automated button pushing and script reading operators away in sunnier climes to get something done, and even now it is still an ongoing fault requiring an engineer to sort out the cabling problem outside the house. Having written to Carphone warehouse customer services and company director and receiving no response whatsoever, I am not a happy bunny!!
I dissolved into tears last night and do not feel much better this morning.
Add on to that, I have to go back to work on Monday (half term holiday over) and I still have shed loads to do.
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